Berlin - December, 2016

Berlin - December, 2016


-Currently looking for exciting professional opportunities-

Hi! My name is Marion Caron, I am 25 and I currently live in Toulouse, FRANCE. I have just graduated from the Toulouse Business School where I have studied digital marketing.

But how did I get there ?

Let's go back to the to when I graduated from college. I got my "Baccalauréat" -as we call it in France- in Economics in 2009.

I then decided to get in a business school, and ended up studying management at the Toulouse Business School. I spent three years there in order to get my Bachelor in management in 2012.  

During those 3 years I spent the second one studying at the John Molson School of Business in Montréal, CANADA. That was the first time I lived abroad, what an amazing year ! I came back to France with one wish : leaving again. And I did : I found an internship in Sydney, AUSTRALIA. I was working as a marketing assistant in a young startup called Love it Up which was an e commerce plateform. I was supposed to stay there for 4 months and move back to France but I couldn't get enough of Australia, and I wanted more ! So I pushed back my flight back and stayed there for almost a complete year. 

I moved back to France in February 2013 and I was broke: roadtripping in Australia cost me all I had. It was too late in the year to pass the exams in order to go back to school and get a master degree so I started working at Bouygues Telecom, one of the biggest phone company in France. I worked there for almost a year as a seller and worked at the same time to pass the exams to get in the Toulouse Business School. As you can imagine, I managed to get in, and ended up doing what I wrote at the beginning of this presentation.